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MLA Roja Arrested & Not Attended National Women’s Parliament in Amaravathi.

MLA Roja Arrested: YSR Congress party’s MLA and yesteryear actress Roja had been arrested a short while ago today at Gannavaram airport in Vijayawada after she arrived to attend the National Women’s Parliament in Amaravathi, which is being organised by the Andhra Pradesh government.

On Saturday, she landed in Vijayawada as an invitee to the National Women’s Parliament events. Not long after landing, a storm was kicked up. As the Noble Prize winning monk Dalai Lama was leaving the airport, Police stopped Roja and told her that she was to stay. Roja got furious and yelled at the police. After a heated argument, the YSRCP MLA was taken to towards Nallapadu police station of Guntur district.

Roja claimed she was bounded in a room, on the plea that Buddhist spiritual leader Dalai Lama was reaching there to catch a flight. Police not allowed her to move anywhere for about an hour. Later police shifted her to Vijayawada.


She put out a cell phone video from a vehicle, purportedly under police escort, claiming that she was being moved to Ongole in Prakasam district, 100 km away. The video went viral on social media.

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Candle Service At Kanuka Matha Church

Rentachintala: YSRCP's district president Marri Rajasekhar and MLA and party whip Pinnelli Ramakrishna Reddy wished for all people in the state to live with happiness and prosperity, with the blessings of Kanuka matha.

As part of 167th anniversary celebrations of Kanuka matha church, they offered candle service of Thursday and performed special prayers. YSRCP's district youth president, Vanamala Vajrababu, state youth secretary Pinnelli Venkatrami Reddy, district secretary Allam Pratap Reddy, state youth executive member Mortala Uma Maheswara Reddy, ZPTC Navuluri Bhaskar Reddy, mandal YSRCP president and vice-president Pujala Ramaiah and Eruva Shoureddy, sarpanch Gurrala Raju, vice-sarpanch Eluri Satyam and certain others took part in the event.

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Kotagiri Sridhar Joins YSRCP

West Godavari: Amidst huge number of people gathered at Dwarak Tirumala in the public meeting conducted by YSRCP, Kotagiri Shidhar, the son of late leader Kotagiri Vidyadhara Rao, joined the party. The leader of opposition and YSRCP president, YS Jagan, warmly welcomed him into the party by decorating  him with the party's scarf. Leaders of the party spoke on the occasion to slam Chandrababu's deceptive rule.

Alla Nani (district party president)

We admire the leader, YS Jagan, who is relentlessly working hard to achieve special category status for the state's bright future. We welcome Kotagiri Sridhar, the son of leader Kotagiri Vidyadhara Rao, who has contributed a lot to the district. YS Jagan has been fighting for the welfare of the district. He is standing in support of the people in distress. He has visited the flood-prone areas of Polavaram and stood in support of the victims there. The Government has raised compensation from Rs.2 lakh to Rs.10 lakh to the expatriates after his demand. Recollect how the youth participated with enthusiasm in Yuvabheri programme. YS Jagan's fight in Tundurru area resulted in justice to the victims. We humbly welcome YS Jagan's fighht for the welfare of the people of the state through special category status.

Pilli Subhash Chandra Bose (Party district in-charge)

The Government may have posed hurdles for our leader's participation on APSCS movement in Visakhapatnam, but the huge gathering here today proves the solid support YS Jagan has from people. The people of this district gave 100% support to TDP in the last elections, but the party gave least importance to them. It did injustice to Polavaram expatriates. Farmers in every village are showing disgust. The Government is least bothered about them. We invite Kotagiri Sridhar with warmth. We should all unite to fight against the Government that deceived us with fake campaign promises. Backward castes were made 110 promises, but none were realised. Why should they still support TDP? People have gathered here to show their disgust towards the Government.
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Will Intensify Fight For SCS, Railway Zone

Hyderabad, Feb 2: With no sops being announced in the Union Budget and the assurances like Special Category Status and Special Railway Zone not finding any place, people of the state feel cheated and there is no reason for the TDP leaders to cheer about, YSR Congress has said.

Speaking to reporters here on Thursday Vizag distrit unit president, Gudivda Amarnath said : ‘though we have taken up the SCS on various platforms nearly 35 times nothing was announced and the BJP and TDP have worked in tandem to water down the issue. We will chalk out the future course of action for not including Vizag as a special railway zone and for ignoring SCS issue very soon.

‘Our party is committed for the cause of SCS and will relentlessly fight to achieve it as our leader YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has time and again said. We will continue the fight but the big question is why were the TDP leaders welcoming the budget and cheering though the common man did not benefit much out of it,’ he said.

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Babu's Package Stinks

 1). It is degradation to order inhibition of YSRCP MPs
 2). The youth should chase away Chandrababu
 3). It was Babu who got NTR's statue to be set on fire
 4). YSRCP woman's wing president RK Roja

Tirupati: YSRCP woman's wing president and MLA RK Roja commented that the package brought by Chandrababu for the people of AP stank. She called it a symbol of political degradation for CM Chandrababu to order for inhibition of YSRCP MPs in Delhi, instead of fighting for SCS.

Speaking to the media at Tirupati, she mentioned that everybody knew how Chandrababu and his MPs had selfishly mortgaged SCS at Delhi. She criticised TDP Government for bragging about new MoUs of worth Rs.10 lakh crore, while the MoUs of last year still remained untouched and challenged Chandrababu to reveal how many industries had been set up in each district using those MoUs.

Recollecting Chandrababu's promise to provide jobs and the summits held twice in three years, she questions how many jobs had been provided till now, at least in TDP offices and student and youth wings. Expressing concern about Chandrababu's cheap tricks and deception, she slammed the CM for deploying police force and anti-democratically suppressing the movement for SCS that happened on the 26th of January throughout the state.

Roja called it tyrannical to oppress people from expressing their problems and called for chasing away such a rule.

Ready to resign for SCS

Roja complained that TDP leaders were trying to impose their misdeeds and crimes on YSRCP leaders. Mentioning that it was TDP leaders who had set fire to NTR's statue in Guntur, she slammed the Government for getting YSRCP leaders arrested instead. She specified that YS Jagan respected NTR with equal respect as towards YSR. Roja doubted that Chandrababu could have done the misdeed, just as he removed NTR's pictures from party offices. She expressed readiness to resign to her position if needed, to achieve SCS and mentioned that YSRCP would keep fighting until the status was achieved.

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